Faculty Information

George ReiterGeorge Reiter

Department of Physics

Office: Science & Research 1, 619B
Contact: greiter@uh.edu - (713) 743-3527

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Deep Inelastic Neutron Scattering

Measurement of momentum distributions and Born-Oppenheimer potentials in solids and liquids
Quantum mechanics of nano-confined water

Complex Systems

Pre dna evolution

Dynamics of Economic Systems

Agent based models of the real economy

Producer and co-host of Thresholds on KPFT, 90.1 FM, Houston

Thresholds mission is to put people and organizations on the air that are opening up possibilities for a viable future. You can find the shows archived at KPFT.org. The show of Jan 3, 2008, an interview with Texans for Sound Science and the Texas Freedom Network on the subject of the movement to chalenge evolution and teach creationism can be found at the URL below.

Thresholds interview with Texans for Sound Science and the Texas Freedom Network

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