Faculty Information

Kevin E. BasslerKevin E. Bassler

John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Department of Physics

Office: SR1-619C
Contact: bassler@uh.edu - (713) 743-3568

Education: Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University


Complexity Theory and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

The focus of my research is to understand and identify the fundamental principles that govern the dynamics of complex systems. I am interested in processes of growth, adaptation, self-organization, self-assembly, and evolution. Often, my approach is to construct simple models that capture the essence of experimental behavior of a class of systems, and use them to explore the common features that underlie their dynamics. My work usually involves a combination of analytic calculations and computer simulations.

Much of my current interest is in the dynamics of systems organized as complex networks. The applications include physical, biological, social, and engineered systems. I am currently working on projects to determine how to optimally route congested transport on networks, to optimally detect structure in network dynamics, to understand adaptive or evolutionary behavior of complex networks, and to understand the role of symmetry in complex network dynamics. I also interested in random matrix theory (RMT), and in applying RMT to understand the dynamics of networks.

Other current projects of mine involve the dynamics of financial markets and the behavior of materials systems, including the self-assembly of nano-structured arrays in semiconductor multilayers and the critical behavior of solids with extended defects.

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